Ecometrics is a sustainability consultancy that works with organisations to achieve measurable change towards low impact, profitable operations.

We firmly believe that to do this requires change at every scale of human activity. Small scale grass-roots initiatives can be as important as large scale top down efforts to manage the global environment. As such, we work with a broad range of clients from local households and SMEs, to large international firms, local and global community groups, and all scales of government.

We offer a range of services from business sustainability consultancy, planning and policy development, research and development projects, and sustainability training.


All our work is underpinned by science – the science of environmental limits, the social science of change theory and human behaviour, and the applied science of environmental impact assessment. We use this understanding to show how business drivers, government initiatives, and community values can be integrated to create the “magic” of sustainability where solutions far exceed the sum of their parts.

The Ecometrics vision is to help the global community achieve transformational change – so that we can all live well within the limits of the planet.



Developing robust solutions underpinned by science

Many environmental targets are based on reductions from a status quo, local policies, industry benchmarks, or company strategies. In a time when environmental impacts from human activity are vastly exceeding environmental limits, these sorts of targets are arbitrary, disheartening, and ineffective. They paint a picture of a never-ending path of reduction. They focus on the negative status quo. They can be met with incremental change. In contrast, science-based targets clearly define the end goal. They focus on a positive future. They invite innovative, transformational change. At Ecometrics we focus on developing holistic, science-based targets to inform your operations.

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Driving the transition to a sustainable and profitable future

Transitioning to a sustainable future means change is needed. At Ecometrics we use the social science of change theory and empirical studies of human behaviour to inform our development of sustainability policies and strategies. We also understand business, government, and community drivers and the difficult decisions that sometimes need to be weighed up. We work with you to determine how to generate change that is beneficial to you, society, and the environment.   

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Risk management - future-proofing your operations

Operating in harmony with the environment is not just about “doing the right thing”. It is about risk mitigation, future-proofing, and profitability. There is a global transition underway from the traditional linear economy of extraction, use, and disposal of materials, to a new circular economy. Organisations which are not part of the transition risk becoming redundant through consumer choices or government mandates.

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A New Zealand firm with a global outlook

Ecometrics is a NZ firm, with a strong understanding of the local setting. However, we also work with international clients, including multi-national firms, universities, and national and city governments. Our global outlook gives a broad context to our consultancy services. It allows us to help our clients build on lessons learnt from initiatives trialled in different situations, facilitating a rapid uptake of increasingly innovative, low impact solutions.    

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Helping you imagine the future and then achieve it

To generate systemic change you need a vision of what the future might hold. We work with our clients to help imagine their future operations in a context where degrading natural assets is no longer considered acceptable. We find that this approach helps our clients to come up with innovative, or even disruptive solutions. Disruptive innovations are those that alter the status quo. For example, the largest global taxi company no longer owns its fleet of vehicles and is the basis of a widespread new verb – “to Uber”.   

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Kate is a mechanical engineer and has recently submitted a PhD on connecting sustainability science with business, policy and behaviour applications.


She has lead sustainable design teams for Arup in Singapore and Perth, and prior to moving back to NZ last year had been running her own sustainability consultancy in Perth since 2014.


Kate moved back to NZ late 2017, with the goal to work with businesses, governments, and communities to generate real change to the way humans interact with the environment in NZ, and globally. Kate is both passionate and practical in her approach to change, and focuses on finding practical solutions which make good business sense. Her experience in large engineering firms has been instrumental giving Kate an in-depth of understanding of different corporate and government drivers and how to balance these with environmental and societal needs.